Doors & Windows and claddings

GWG offers his service of maintenance and supply of wooden, aluminum and PVC window frames. These materials can also be used in combination with each other, using new technology products with profiles provided with thermal and acoustic insulation, and glass parts and shatterproof glass chamber with safety film, blackout or antireflection according to the current design for the interior comfort and in accordance with the current policies of saving energy.

The company also offers his service of supply and installation of complementary elements, doors or lacquering japanning, and where required, partitions against the spread of fires. GWG has specialized also his works in the supply and installation of interior doors and windows of different types: from the “standard” of commercial branch of the market, until the realization of designed of doors and windows, with different wood and different types of lacquering, inlays, special cut, decorative frames and everything according to customer needs.