Painting and coverings

Civil and industrial works of painting and coverings

GWG offers his service of civil and industrial paintings, according to customer requirements, in compliance with the currently laws in force regarding safety and environment.

Thanks to its experience, our Company has specialized itselfes in every field: from the “classic” workings of painting, to the special finishes of value, in response to the increasingly advanced needs of the customers.

Our company always works with the maximum attention to the choice of raw materials and of the manufacturing techniques that are used in the building site, ensuring the highest quality result.

Concerning the finishes for indoor and outdoor environment, the company has lot of experience, with high quality results, using the following techniques:

-ITALIAN “PARAFFINA”, a finish used for interior environment particulary stylish and elegant, that give the wall a delicate aspect that looks like fabric with contrasts of lights.

-ITALIAN “GRASSELLO” , a finish used both for interior and exterior environment. It gives the surface a smooth and shiny aspect , especially suitable for finishings environments such as offices, banks and shops.

-MARMORINO PLASTER, a finish used for interior and exterior environment, made of lime, sand and marbles that give the wall a rough and opaque aspect, ideal for finishing country-style and vintage buildings.

-SPATULATA OR VENETIAN STUCCO a finish for interior environment that involves the use of color in the stucco and calcium soap as raw materials. This finish involves the machining of the wall with a hot iron on the surface and its subsequent polishing with a floor wax.

– ITALIAN “ANTICHE TERRE FIORENTINE” a finish for interior and exterior environment, that gives the wall a classic, elegant and sophisticated aspect, that can reproduce the charm and delicacy of ancient times, and for this reason very appreciated abroad.

-ITALIAN “OTTOCENTO ANTICO VELLUTO” , a finish for interior environment that give the wall an aspect similar to that of velvet, very appreciated for its variations of use.

Our company works using both products for the “standard” market, and natural products as a result of the expansion of the concept of the natural and bio market of theses last few years.

In particular our company works using products made of potassium silicate and inorganic pigment.

The use of silicates ensures the longevity and resistance to atmospheric agents of our workings, due to the silicification properties of the product that create an inseparable bond with the treated surface, ensuring precisely durability.

It’s with theses requirements of quality and assurance that GWG has grow a lot in the bio market of large and small retailer.