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Global Construction

The construction sector has always been the primary activity of the Company and represents the maximum expression of its potential. From large spaces of large retailers to small boutiques set in historic centers, from hotels to private residences, Global Work Group carries out any kind of projects always respecting deadlines and budgets agreed with the customer.

Global mep systems

As a natural integration to the building activity, plant engineering represents a fundamental component in the construction process. An ever-attentive look at the latest market solutions and a natural attitude to energy efficiency (see dedicated item global energy consulting) make Global Work Group the ideal partner to realize any kind of projects, thanks to its thirty-year experience in the field.

Global installations

Aware of the importance of the assembly phase for the success of each project, over the years Global Work Group has selected a Team of installers capable of dealing with any kind of operations in any part of the world, even with Union workers in the United States. Recruited among the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, our installers are able to independently carry out the work as well as reading CAD drawings, carrying out surveys, tracing and anything else that is necessary to achieve the result.

Global millwork

Mainly oriented towards production of custom-made furnishings for retail and luxury private sector, the millwork division of the Global Work Group is able to conceive and produce top-level furnishings with the use of a large variety of materials ranging from the most traditional such as wood, glass, fabric or metal, up to the most unusual like carbon fiber. Thanks to our network of partners, we are also able to perform any kind of production to provide the customer a practically unlimited variety of technical solutions and finishes.

Global special installations

Always poised between construction and millwork, special installations (storefronts, technical ceilings, etc…) represent the business card of every respectable retail space. By combining the know-how of the various sectors in which it operates, Global Work Group is able to design, produce and install works of any kind and in any context. Thanks to a dedicated team, we design technical solutions to deliver the finished work including static calculations, integrated lighting, safety certifications and anything else necessary for customer satisfaction.

Global decor

Sensitive to the world of interior design & decor, Global Work Group proposes itself with the decor division for prestigious creations for private and retail, being able to count on the partnership with some of the most interesting manufacturing and artisan realities of Made in Italy. Plaster decorations, stuccos, waxes, gold foils and what most sophisticated can emerge from the creative mind of artists and architects, are offered in a wide variety of finishes and processes able to satisfy the most exclusive and demanding customers.
A particularly important collaboration is the one with Marta Bitelli, an internationally renowned decorator whose skilled hands have produced some of the most interesting creations of the recent years.

Global design

An international Team of architects with over ten-years worldwide experience in the sector is skilled to meet the design needs of any kind of customer. From construction Companies to production Companies up to the end customer, the design division can develop any kind of projects at any levels as well as a concept for retail customers. Particular relevance, given the previous experience in some of the most important Italian production companies, has the ability to optimize construction costs through systematic value engineering operations.

Global energy consulting

Thanks to a pool of dedicated professionals, Global Work Group can assist the customer in any activity related to the supply and management of energy. In order to optimize costs and improve the energy performance of private, commercial and industrial buildings, we can perform an in-depth analysis aimed at having a complete image of the actual conditions in order to define the improvements.
Send a request email to info@gwgsrl.it, you will be contacted by one of our technicians for a free consultation.

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